LARP and Puppetry!!

Common Camp Summit Activities



Camp Summit offers a wide variety of artistic endeavors for every art enthusiast. In addition to the regular art activities like painting and drawing our campers can engage in all sorts of projects such as tie dye shirts, hexaflexagons, collages, photography, drama, mask making, puppetry and much more. 

Digital Animation:

For those interested in digital arts, Camp Summit offers digital animation, digital drawing, and other computer based arts. Interested campers are required to provide their own devices and tools.

Creative Drama and Role Playing:

Camp Summit offers drama and role playing for those aspiring actors and playrights with the oportunity to perform at the annual Talent Show.


The destinations vary (Bonita Light House or the embedded WW II armaments in the coastal hills at Camp Summit West or hikes to rock formations and waterfalls at Camp Summit East) but the thrill is the same. Hiking at Camp Summit is a staple and great exercise as well.


What does it mean to be ethical? Why are we here? What are moral shades of grey? These questions and many more are discussed by campers who are interested in debating the mysteries of the universe.

Dungeons & Dragons:

One of the most popular activities at Camp Summit on an annual basis Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy, role playing game that takes adventurers through any number of

treks. Who knows which moster you might encounter or which dungeon you might be trapped in. 

Designing Simple Machines:

Designing Simple Machines is the action of performing a simple task using a complex series of energy exchanges. In essence, campers build a machine that can achieve an act such as turning off a light or breaking an egg. Remember the game Mouse Trap? Designing Simple Machines is Mouse Trap to the extreme.

LARP (Live Action Role Play):

Another popular Camp Summit activity, LARP allows campers to design and build their own medievel weaponry using PCP pipe, swimmers noodles, and mountains of duct tape afterwhich they engage in mock medievel warfare (supervised, of course). Loads of fun!

A Criminal Mind:

A Criminal Mind is a fantasy game developed by a Camp Summit staffer wherein campers can perpetrate or solve complex crimes using fictional characters, fixed budgets, dice, mapping paper, and much more. Past criminal events include the rescuing of the kidnapped Presidents daughter, the search for priceless treasure guarded by a rainbow covered, laser powered unicorn, and the heist of a precious artifact. 

STEM Activities:

Camp Summit offers various activities related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) with an emphasis on fun and intellectual engagement. 

Strategy Gaming:

We have always encouraged our campers to use their imagination and developing strategic games is one of those 'imagination heavy' activities. Whether you are playing Munchkins, D & D, Settlers of Catan, or inventing your own strategy game, strategy is alive and well at Camp Summit.

Theme Night Party:

Each year Camp Summit hosts a theme night party that celebrates the camp motif for that particular year. Campers can create and wear their themed costumes to the party which usually occurs on Thursday evenings.

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