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If you are looking for an extra-ordinary camp experience for your gifted child, then Camp Summit is the place for you. Camp Summit was specifically designed for gifted, talented, and creative children ages 9-15 who need to experience something different than the average sleep away camp. Indeed, it is one of the only camps in the world that caters specifically to gifted children exclusively and for good reason.

Many gifted children struggle to get their intellectual, social, and emotional needs met throughout the academic school year. Classes are too slow, too repetative, and often, boring for gifted students who have the intellectual capacity to learn at a more rapid pace, intake mountains of information, and learn at a depth and breadth that is beyond the parameters of regular classroom instruction. Even designated gifted programs, while helpful, do not alleviate the need for a more comprehensive educational plan for our gifted children. Thus, our gifted students become bored, frustrated, and in many cases struggle with the anxiety of being different from the norm. Many are greatly relieved at the onset of summer break but then what? 

That is where Camp Summit can take the reins. We offer unique programs and activities that both stimulate intellectual curiosity and draw out their individual gifts and talents. From the Arts to strategic gaming to more strenous activities, Camp Summit offers a retreat for gifted children that will exercise both their brains and their brawn. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, Camp Summit is a place where kids can be kids without the fear of being teased or judged. In fact, many of our campers have told us that Camp Summit is their one week of refuge from the strains of being a gifted kid year round. Lasting friendships are formed and kept at Camp Summit and many of these connections continue well past the ending of camp. 

Why not give your child a break? Guided by an extremely qualified staff, your kids will love attending Camp Summit and beg you to return year after year. Located in Marin Headlands of the greater San Francisco area and the North Bay Adventure in Maryland, Camp Summit offers all of the above in amazing settings for our campers. Why not drop them off for the week and treat yourself to a much needed vacation at either local? It will be worth every penny when you pick up your smiling camper at the end of the week.


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