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Ages 9–14


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Camp Summit West- June 18, 2016

Camp Summit East - August 7, 2016

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Camp Summit offers a unique experience for gifted children and teens from ages 9 through 14 (eight-year-olds will be considered on a case-by-case basis) and a Leadership Program for those 15 and 16 years old. Located in the picturesque Marin Headlands, in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, Camp Summit provides the perfect setting for gifted, talented, and creative youth to gather together for a very special summer camp, one they will want to revisit year after year.

Camp Summit makes use of the excellent facilities at the Headlands Institute, just north and west of the Golden Gate Bridge (see below). This stunning location provides a unique natural setting nestled on the coast of the Pacific Ocean for exploration and expanding personal horizons.

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Created especially for developing the "inner and outer nature" of gifted youth, Camp Summit provides a staff uniquely qualified to nurture such a community. Our program offers creative and enjoyable ways for campers to be together, connect in meaningful ways, and form relationships that will be important to them.

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“When you get to a place where you are accepted for the person you are by both kids your age and elders who respect you, you know you have found someplace special. Camp Summit is just such a place, where gifted kids are honored for both their abilities and their insights; where “being smart” is the rule, not the exception. If gifted kids want to find a place to feel “at home”, Camp Summit is that cozy niche they seek.” Dr. Jim Delisle 2013

"My daughter has been in tears for the last three days because she wants to “go home!” She says everyone really got her at Camp Summit and it felt like home to her…….She thinks that the camp should be at least two weeks long – or maybe the whole summer.” Parent of Camper from 2011

“I wanted to say Thank you for all that you and the Camp Summit Team did for my camper during her week with you guys. She loved her time spent there and keeps popping up with new accounts of adventures and activities that sparked her spirit. She is counting the days until next summer’s camp…." Parent of Camper from 2011

For more information on the location:

Marin Headlands — part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Golden Gate National Recreation Area Map

Point Bonita Lighthouse

Point Bonita Lighthouse — a short hike from Camp Summit


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